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Basisschool Steltloper is a Roman Catholic regular primary school located in Kerkrade, in the district of Chevremont and is part of the Brede School Steltloper. BS Steltloper walker stands for learning together for life. This is done with attention to safety, respect and responsibility. BS Steltloper runner is a merger of BS de Veldblom and BS de Vierring. BS Wanderloper and Kinder Opvang Kerkrade work together in the Brede School.

Such a collaboration requires a suitable logo. We have developed the new logo, the house style, various communication tools and the website for BS Steltloper. By means of an intensive preliminary process, a number of important points emerged from the stated values, mission and visions. These have formed the basis for the development of the logo.

All children of BS de Vierring and BS de Veldblom were asked to show their idea of ​​a new logo. We have made an analysis of these drawings. And what turned out? The drawings of the children contain a number of striking, recurring elements, such as the use of a thick, firm, clear letter, a handwritten letter, bright colors, round shapes and the illustration of a stilted male. These elements could be linked to a number of points of the values, mission and vision of BS Steltloper. With this we have made a translation to various parts of the logo.

From the combination of all elements that have been analyzed, linked and translated, a logo has been created that meets all the questions and wishes. A logo that stands. Ready for use. Easy to process and easily combinable.