What’s in a name

May 27, 2019

We call ourselves Creative Consultants. Sounds fancy, right? But what is it exactly that we do? As creative consultants, we develop creative concepts together with our clients. We translate our client’s organizational strategy into creative visual solutions. We search for alternative and innovative ways to raise the quality of their visual representation up to the highest level. We develop strategies and concepts into all sorts of communication tools. Websites, logos, brand identities, motion graphics, ads. You name it, we do it. Or if we can’t do it, we figure out how we can. We design everything ourselves. And that’s our biggest plus. We are your only point of contact. We have no account managers. Or executives. We like to keep control over what we do. And stay committed. Because that’s the only way we can make the best work possible.

Still not sure what we do?

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A website a day…

Websites. We have lost count how many we have made. Hundreds maybe!

Change is good

You may have noticed. Something has changed a little. Our name!